Friday, March 24th, 2017

 Principal's 100:  Ella Cobb, Nicole Lovelace, Tallia Davis, Nick Saak, Tevis Forrest, Sylwoolfe Salerno, Caitlin George, Will Schoue, Dakota Kelly, Nadine Thomas, Evan Abercrombie, Lindsey Brooks, Brittany Caldwell, Trenton Clard, Nita Hadden, Josi Holtzclaw, Dakota Kelly, Shelbi Phillips & Kelsey Koch

Week 3:  March 21st-24th

Grade Level Tardy Challenge- The class with the lowest number of tardies for the entire week will win a treat.

Week 4:  March 28th-31st

Grade Level Minor Challenge- The class with the lowest number of minors for the entire week will win a treat.


One Student Will Win $20 Cash

To be entered in the drawing you must have:

 100% Attendance for the entire month

 No Minors for the entire month

 No Tardies for the entire month

    Million Page Challenge Update as of 03/02/17:

8th grade: 135,235 pages, 7th grade: 140,740 pages, 6th grade: 154,729 pages & Teachers/Staff: 63,915 pages for a 

Grand Total of: 494,619. 

Upcoming Events:

  • Today - Track Meet @ home 4:15pm. 
  • Friday, March 24th - Middle School Lock-In - 7pm -7am. 
  • Thursday, March 30th - Track Meet @ Winfield 4pm.  Bus will leave @ 2:10pm.
  • The Mark Twain & Truman book nominee contest will end Friday, April 21st with the drawing happening on or around Friday, April 28th.  So far there are only 4 students that have read 12 books so the odds are pretty good to win that prize.  There are a few others that are not far off from being in that drawing so don't quit yet!  If you have read one of the nominees from this year and used it in your Language Arts Class please make sure that you bring me a note from your teacher so it counts - otherwise there are two different types of quizzes in Google Classroom.
  • Last year's Yearbooks are still on sale and you may also purchase 2016-2017 yearbook too.